The Trail: Mobile Game From Fable Creator’s Coming to PC

The creator of Fable, Peter Molyneux, has been working on different games since his initial successful game. His studio, 22 cans, released a successful mobile game last year named The Trail: A Frontier Journey. That game is now getting a port over to the PC called The Trail: Frontier Challenge.

The new version will launch on Steam later in the summer, and it’s currently unclear if there are an differences between the mobile and PC versions of the game. Though the announcement trailer seems to have made it look like more of the same.

In upcoming game, players control a traveler who walks along a dirt trail. It’s a very much on the rails game, wherein you make decisions along the way which will determine your journey.

Honestly it’s a rather simple game, and I’m surprised it’s getting the port but maybe people will enjoy it on the PC more than the  mobile.

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