Star Wars: Battlefront Double XP Weekend

Star Wars: Battlefront is handing out XP this weekend, as it is a double XP banzai. According to EA, double xp will be switched on as of 9 AM UTC this July 13th, going on until July 16th.

All modes of Star Wars: Battlefront will benefit from the double xp. That said, everyone will benefit from this experience no matter what they decide to get up to. Also, the double experience will be across all platforms: Xbox One, PS4 and PC.


In other news, Battlefront II’s beta will start on October 6th and will run until October 9th. However if you pre-order it, you can gain access to the beta a bit earlier. The beta will allow you to do battle on Naboo, or go toe to toe in a Starfighter.

Personally I prefer the Starfighter.

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