Pokemon Teaser Clip For Mysterious Game

A new video has dropped about our favorite pocket monster game, Pokemon, on the Japanese youtube channel. The video teases, well I’m not sure what, but it will be dropping July 19th.

According to translations of the video clip, the game is called “Pokémon Mystery File: A world of Pokémon you don’t know”, and it seems to be compilation of some of the more bizarre footage from a variety of Pokemon games. Each one highlighting parts of Pokemon lore that seem to be confusing for the average fan. However the video seems to tease that this might not be the case anymore.

A later part of the video, translated, says the following: “The battle with the alien invader has begun! Is this the underside of this world? Is this a puzzle of ancient relics? Is this an attack from a parallel universe? Is it possessing humans?”. Following this comes a group of unknown Pokemon that spell out “Is something happening?”, as if to hammer in that a big event will be happening within the Pokemon world.

What it is remains to be seen, but for Pokemon fans it seems like it is something to keep your eye out for.

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