Nintendo Switch: Getting First Video App

The Nintendo Switch dropped back in March this year, and it did so without any of the tell tale video streaming services that are featured on any other console. We have been without YouTube, Netflix, or anything of the sort.

That said, Nintendo has decided to fix that – though only for Japanese customers currently. The NicoNico platform is the name of the new service joining the Switch system, and will be available on the Japan eShop later in the week for Japanese clients. However anyone in other regions, if they possess a Japanese Switch account, can apparently download it as well.

Granted that they understand Japanese.

Back in March Nintendo exec, Reggie Fils- Aime, said that Nintendo was in talks with Hulu, Netflix and Amazon to hopefully bring some streaming services to the Switch. That dream hasn’t been realized as of yet, and we still don’t know when it will be. Though with Japan dropping a new program for themselves one can only hope that it means we will be getting one soon.

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