Destiny 2 Beta Preload Available

Destiny 2 beta, the sequel to hit bungie game Destiny, won’t be available until next week. That said, it doesn’t mean you can’t get prepared for your gaming adventure ahead of time. Activision has made it possible for individuals to preload the beta this July 13th as of 10 am PDT.

This preload time goes across all three platforms, meaning that the Xbox, PS4 and PC all can download the beta at the same time. Though only the PS4 gets access to the actual beta a day earlier. There are only two ways to actual preload the game though, and that is through pre-ordering the game and receiving a code or by receiving a code from a third party.

The actual beta will be available to play, for those who pre-ordered it on the PS4, on July 18th. After 24 hours of waiting, Xbox One gamers will gain access to the beta as well. To those of you who are slow gamers, I implore you to play as much as possible while given access to the beta. I say that because it will close up after a mere 35 hours.

As you no doubt noticed, a beta time for the PC has yet to be announced. All we know is that it will be coming at some point in August. The beta itself for all three systems will feature the campaign’s opening mission “Homecoming”, a strike named The Inverted Spire; and two Crucible gametypes.

Destiny 2 will be released Sept 6th on the PS4 and Xbox One, whereas the PC version won’t be dropped until Oct 24th.

Check out the opening campaign gameplay from E3:

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