Insomniacs New Spider Man Game Bigger Than Sunset Overdrive

Sony made sure to show us their upcoming project, Spider Man, before they ended their presentation at this years E3 2017. The newest addition to the Spider-Man legacy comes from Insomniac, the same creators of Ratchet & Clank, and looked to feature a sleek and very mobile spidey – as you can see in the gameplay trailer below.

Despite the nice new looking spidey, not much else was known about the game – including the actual size of what was to come in this open world explorer. That said, it seems an exchange between Insomniac and a fan has given us a basis on what to expect for the upcoming game. During said exchange, Insomniac revealed that the upcoming game would “several times larger” than Sunset city. Which is telling, as Sunset was the biggest game to date that had come out of Insomniac.

What this means for actual missions, and how much their will be to do, remains unexplored but hopefully with size comes equal gaming responsibility. Insomniac hasn’t given a release date for the upcoming project, but it is slated to arrive sometime in 2018.

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