Final Fantasy 14: Fans Asking for Nerf on Stormblood Boss

Final Fantasy’s newest update Stormblood has a quest that has some players complaining, and asking for it to be nerfed in difficulty.

The Royal Menagerie is the name of the aforementioned quest, and it contains a boss that has a few people in a keyboard bashing rage. The game sets the minimum cap for this fight at level 70, and for good reason as the boss has three different phases to work through, each of which requires all eight players to work together with serious synergy to take it down.

To win against the boss, a giant enemy dragon, players will have to stay stable on a floating platform, dodge or beat tons of extra enemies, fill up a task bar and work with a teammate that is now chained to them. It’s a hard task to pull off, just like any other endgame boss. The real question that has arisen is whether or not it was too hard?

It seems like a group of players think it is, and have spoken out on the game’s official forum: “I’m not saying subjectively right or wrong that The Royal Menagerie (end of SB story mode trial) should be nerfed, but objectively it screams nerf…[Square Enix] can’t have an instance at that difficulty as a part of story mode because it’s going to gate people from content (same logic behind Steps of Faith). They will lose subs otherwise and it’s bad for business.”

A similar issue occurred during Steps of Faith, wherein which players stated that Square Enix had made the fight to hard. The complaints made Square Enix patch the fight, making it easier by nerfing the enemy’s HP and damage and all around easier to complete. It isn’t necessary to beat the final boss to enjoy the game, however to completionists it is impossible to ignore. On top of that, beating it unlocks a new vendor which sells powerful gear.

Arguably it could be said that players just need to play more tactically, and practice until they can beat any given boss with their parties. So it will be interesting to see if Square Enix will give in and nerf this final boss fight as well. I personally think they shouldn’t, as it raises the bar for gamers to try that much harder. The real question is what you guys think, let us know in the comments below.

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