Wild West Online: New Trailer

A new trailer for the PC western game Wild West Online has just dropped, show casing the game’s environment, some activities, and a little bit of combat.

Admittedly, everything that you see might be changed as this is the game in its’ unfinished state, and this footage can’t be considered finalized by any means. That said, it does look interesting. It appears to be a mixture of Red Dead Redemption with some Skyrim mixed in to keep the game interesting.

You can pre-order Wild West Online right now through this website, which would allow you to gain access to the the alpha and beta. As an added incentive, to anyone who orders the pre-order they will get content like skins for your saddle, weapons, and horse. Though the pre-order offer ends after July 20th.

Wild West Online was originally started as a Kickstarter project, though this was quickly halted after investors got excited about the idea due to the crowd funding site – and fully funded the project.

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