Warframe: Adding Open World

Warframe, a popular third person shooter, will be getting an open world area added to it’s game at some point in the future.

These new additions will be named Landscapes, and they were shown off at the game’s second TennoCon. The Landscapes will be added to the game with the Plains of Eidolon expansion pack later this year.

Until now, Warframe been played on procedurally generated levels, with the addition of these Landscapes the scope of the game will change. As they will bring in not only a day-night cycle but also a town called Cetus where players can meet up with NPCs who will hand out quests.

The expansion does not have a launch date as of yet, but Tennocon has a 17 minute gameplay demonstration that you can enjoy below – allowing you to get a feel for the upcoming Plains of Eidolon expansion.

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