The Elder Scrolls Online: Horn’s of The Reach DLC Out Next Month

The upcoming DLC for popular MMO Elder Scrolls will be out next month. The DLC is titled Horn’s of The Reach, and is a minotaur themed DLC pack for the game that will add two dungeons as well as new enemies, companions and items. While we have no idea as towards the pricing currently, we only know that ESO Plus members will receive it free.

As to what we know of the upcoming DLC, we know that the first dungeon is called the Bloodroot Forge and its boss is Gherig Bullblood. In the dungeon is an “an ancient, long-forgotten forge that was recently rediscovered by the Reachmen and their minotaur allies. This forge, rumored to have been created by the Daedric prince Hircine, can create weapons of unbelievable power. When exploring this new dungeon, you will navigate through heavy vegetation and deep, lava-filled corridors to reach the heart of the forge and put a stop to Gherig Bullblood’s plans.”


The DLC will land alongside a free update to the game, which will bring in a new game mode for PvP titled Chaosball. The mode sounds quite hard, as you will be forced to hold onto a ball for as long as possible and survive – all while the ball gives armor and healing debuffs and also damages your entire team after a long enough time.

To own the upcoming changes to the game, you must at least own Elder Scrolls Morrowind expansion so to those of you who haven’t grabbed a copy yet …sorry.

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