New Professor Layton’s Game: Katrielle and The Millionaires’ Conspiracy

Level 5 has released a new trailer for the next game in the Professor Layton series, Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires Conspiracy. This represents the first entry into the Professor Layton franchise since 2013, and seems like a rather cute but fun game.

A big change for the game is the introduction to its main character, which is no longer Professor Layton himself but rather his daughter Katrielle. She has decided to follow in her father’s illustrious footsteps and has opened a detective agency. The Professor, her father, is missing and she will take on various cases to find his whereabouts – unfortunately finding herself tangled up in a rather large conspiracy along the way.

This Layton game has been completely built for mobile phone since its inceptions, developers over at level 5 stating that it was built “from the ground up for mobile devices” and “is the most accessible game in the Professor Layton series yet.” That said, with its large collection of puzzles to solve – it sounds exactly like what I need for my commute home.

Layton’s Mystery Journey will be released on the Android, and iOS, this July 20th for $16. The game will also get a 3DS version at some point in the fall.

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