Middle Earth: Shadow of War Cast Revealed

For the upcoming game, Middle-earth: Shadow of War: the voice acting crew has been announced – showcasing the various personalities that will be present in the game.

Voice actor Troy Baker will be back as Talion, Alastair Duncan’s westworld will be back as Celebrimbor. We also have Laura Bailey (Uncharted’s Nadine Ross) as the games assassin Eltariel. On top of that Kumail Ninjiani and Pollyanna McIntosh will be making appearances within the game.

To those eager to see the star line up of actors, or just eager to hear more about Shadow of War, Warner brothers will be hosting a panel at the San Diego Comic-con later in the months. During this the actors will be available to discuss their roles, and likely divulge more on the upcoming game. That said, to ensure new information will be making its way to gamers everywhere, creative director for the upcoming title – Michel de Plater – will also be there to show us some new content as well.

The panel will take place on Friday, July 21st at 2 PM, running for about an hour.

Shadow of War lands on Xbox One, PS4, and PC this October 10th.

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