Xbox One: Gaining Game Gifting Feature Soon

To those of you who use Steam fairly often, you know that a feature that sets it apart from the competitors is the simple ability to gift games to your friends. That feature is something Xbox One is currently looking to incorporate into their system, meaning you’ll be able to buy digital games for your friends and give them away in the new future.

This news was learned from Xbox’s corporate VP Mike Ybarra, when he replied to a fan who asked about the feature on Twitter. Mike didn’t have much to say, except that it was simply: “not far” off.

As we all know neither the Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, or PS4 offers the ability to gift games to your friends. While there are easy workarounds such as buying a handheld copy for your gaming compatriots, nothing is as easy as buying it online and sending off the code to your friends.

So to all of my friends reading this, don’t feel shy about sending some games my way in the “not far” future.

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