Nex Machina: Update For PS4/PC Out Now

Nex Machina, the PS4 and PC game from the developer of Resogun has been fairly well received as a good shoot em up game. That said, the game hasn’t been out long and like all things has some issues that people have been complaining about. Today, the developer Housemarque released a big update that is meant to improve, fix, and tweak the issues within the game.

The update gives a variety of changes, for example: Hero difficulty has been changed to improve gameplay. Hoursemarque has disabled restarts, added shockwaves, changed the max multiplayer to 999, and given players all powerups to start with.

maxresdefault (2)

That doesn’t cover the full scope of changes made, as their have been improvements to visual effects, changes to the HUD, world specific tweaks and a few balance patches made. A full list of patch notes can be found right here.

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