Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor Free To Play

For those of you who want to give Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor a try before buying it, at the low price of $4 on the Xbox One and Steam, or $6 for the PS4, you can try it now for free. For a limited time the game is completely free to try on either the Xbox One and PC.

The free trial will last only until July 9th for those of you who don’t have any pep in their step. Also to those of us who take our time with our purchases, it’s worth noting that the sale reduction on the game will only last until July 17th on the Xbox and until July 11th for both the PlayStation and Steam.

In related news, to those of you looking forward to continuing the game in its Sequel, an important feature has been announced for Shadow of War. You can import your strongest Nemesis and follower from the first game into Shadow of War. The Orcs will be imported over with all their armor, marks, and scars that they gained from Shadow of Mordor. You can see a trailer from the upcoming game below, showcasing the Nemsis Forge system.

Shadow of War will launch in October 10th for the PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

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