Super Mario Odyssey: Replacing Game Over Screens

The Super Mario games have been known to tote rather in your face game over screens, upon your death you knew you had messed up. However the new game, Super Mario Odyssey, seems to have done away with the normal system. The game’s Japanese Twitter account showcases a video that shows what will happen when Mario dies, and oddly enough it is reminiscent of Sonic hitting an enemy.  You will lose a set amount of coins, see that number go down, and then be back at it again.

Apparently the game also lacks lives in general, or 1 – Ups. So if you are use to chasing after those green little mushrooms, say goodbye. Though the game does possess a check point system, that will likely work like recent Mario games – meaning you won’t have to travel that far back upon losing some coins. The coins upon which we now depend are apparently very plentiful, so fear not about ever reaching zero.

The lack of Game Over screens is probably an attempt to keep the game user friendly. As a lack of one keeps players in the action easier, and for those that really just can’t manage the harder Mario levels without numerous attempts? It stops them from getting discouraged and seeing the game over screen again and again.

Anything to keep gamers going in my opinion.

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