Rocket League Update: New Customization’s and Free Map

Another day, another update for Rocket League. The high flying, speed racer type game has some updates coming its way. The free release includes new content that’s coming to us in celebration of the game’s second anniversary – its release date all the way back in July 2015.

The update brings in a new map called Champions Field, which you can check out below, and is essentially a giant outdoor stadium that is closer to a square than a rectangle.

With the arena comes some Rick and Morty themed customization options for free. These upgrades include a rocket boost, wheels, and toppers. Even better in terms of customization – for those of you who have been playing a long time – you’ll now be able to customize your engine sound effects and goal explosions. Some of those updates will be free, while others can only be gotten inside Crate drops.3256767-r2

The update will also include the Overdrive Crate, this crate contains a pair of vehicles – the Animus GP and Centio V17 – and a few new trails with animated decals. Finally, the last addition to the game can be seen – or heard in this case – with the addition of new music that will have you grooving as you destroy your friends on the field.3256765-r1

Rocket League is on sale right now for $14 on the Xbox Store, and $10 on the PlayStation store.

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