New Lore For Doomfist Introduced Again

With another update to Overwatch’s blog, comes more details about the game’s most talked about heroes – Doomfist.

Funnily enough, when I went to go check the blog post again, the post seems to have been taken down. That said, there were plenty of people who were eager to save the information posted up on the post. The disappearing blog post talked about an “incident at Helix Security International’s classified maximum security installation….it can now be confirmed that what occurred was an attack by the Talon organization with the express purpose of freeing one man: Akande Ogundimu, better known as Doomfist.”

The blog went on to state the following: “It began in the early hours of the morning, when an unidentified aircraft approached the facility. Security initially reported that the craft had no passengers on board, based on radar scans. The craft passed through the range of the installation’s defense systems without incident, leading some to believe that Talon has moles within Helix. Video surveillance from within the compound revealed a black shadowy figure emerging from the craft and descending upon the prison grounds. The unidentified assailant easily overcame the Helix security agents, leaving over a dozen dead. Medical records of the casualties reveal injuries and cellular degeneration matching other incidents involving the mercenary known as the Reaper, all but confirming the incursion as a Talon attack.”

The Overwatch community has been a twitter about the possibility of Doomfist for quite some time, and it seems that they will probably be getting the hero in the immediate future. Though Blizzard could just be throwing us a curveball and introduce a completely different character, like the hinted at character on the moonbase that Winston is from. My suspicions on the upcoming character run high, especially with the removal of the blog post as you can see through the twitter link below.

You just never know with game companies.

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