The Division Celebrating the 4th of July

Seems like Ubisoft’s open world shooter, The Division, is getting in on the celebration that is the 4th of July. That said, the celebration goes on for a few more days and has some goodies for those willing to grab em – but you have to act quickly

On July 5th, Ubisoft is giving away the Nave Uniform for free at the Premium Vendor in the Terminal. You can also grab the Celebration emote for free, from the same vendor, up until July 9th.3257051-thedivision

If that’s not enough for the collector in you, you can also check out the Premium Vendor for the sales it will have going on. Selected outfits will be up to 75 percent off, and seemingly only available for 24 hours each.

However the most helpful part of the celebration seems to be the in game event happening, wherein which the game will give out double rewards for daily assignments. This will run from July 7th to the 10th.3257052-division1

Tis the season to celebrate some fireworks, and some good gaming.

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