Valve Announces Changes To Dota Tournament Structure

Even with Dota 2’s event coming up next month, Valve is still announcing a change to their esport’s competitive scene that will go into effect after the 20 million dollar tournament finishes this August.

Valve had this to say about their upcoming changes: “For the next year we will be taking a more organic approach to growing the competitive ecosystem, working more closely with third-party tournaments.” What this means for the competitive scene is that instead of a small number of major tournaments, there will be more smaller tournament’s with tinier prize pools for gamers to enjoy.

In both the majors and the minors, Valve will be matching the prize pools placed in. With major tournaments having a minimum prize pool of $500,000 with the Minors hosting a smaller, but still sizeable, $150,000 range. On top of this, all tournaments must now ensure that their is one team from every region present through a qualifier process. To ensure that no tournaments will overlap, Valve will be managing the schedule of all events personally.

Another change to the system is a point system that will now be used to determine invites to tournaments. These invites will be determined by the highest ranked teams and their point values. Points will be earned by individual players based on team performances, and these points will follow the player should they switch teams during a certain transfer window. Major tournaments will give more points than Minor tournaments, with tournaments closest to the years International tournament awarding the most.


An interesting facet about the new point system is that the top three players point values on a team will be the only points that count towards a team’s score. This ensures that should new players be brought onto a team, their lack of synergy won’t negatively affect them. A leaderboard will go up, maintained by Valve, and it will make it so everyone will know their standing before all tournaments.

How exactly the point system will be determined seems a little vague to me, but I am sure that as the changes roll out Valve will release more particular.

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