Arms Trailer: Showing of New DLC Max Brass

Nintendo has dropped a gameplay trailer for Arms, their fighting game on the Nintendo Switch, to show off their upcoming DLC character – Max Brass. To those who have been playing the game, they know Max has always been around. However, until now, he has been a boss-like character since the game’s launch but now will be a free playable character this July.

Max Brass is a heavy hitter who, when his arms are charged, can take punches from anyone without flinching. As a last ditch bonus for when the fights going wrong, when his health drops beneath 20 percent his arms become permanently charged up.

Watch the video below to see a little bit of Max Brass in action:

The upcoming update that Max Brass is riding in on will be introducing a LAN Mode as well, which I’m sure will be well received by those looking to smash their friends in regularly.

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