Last Day of June: Announcement Date

Last Day of June is a narrative driven adventure game, that looks strangely like a Tim Burton movie, and will be launching August 24th. The game will only cost $20, with preorders available now. With the announcement came a new trailer to highlight the upcoming game, though admittedly the game looks a bit odd – even for me.

Last Day of June follows two characters, June and Carl, and seems to be a story of both love and loss. In fact, I felt like I was watching the movie Up, if it had taken an even darker turn. Apparently the storyline will have both Carl and June going out for a fun day, and then somehow turn into a struggle to save June’s life.

The game’s main mechanics seems to focus on the use of Portal which, as you can see from the above trailer, lets gamers revisit Carl’s past. Though if you will be capable of changing the past, or if you have to find some key knowledge in the past to unravel the current issues of the present remains to be seen.

Last Day of June will be released on both the PS4 and PC. The game also received eight minutes of gameplay this E3, check it out below if you want to see how the game works some more:

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