Breath of The Wild: Midna Helmet

The first DLC for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild game has dropped, called The Master Trials, and introduces a bunch of gear for gamers to find. One cool piece to find looks like the helmet that Midna wore in a previous title, Twilight Princess.

While not an over the top piece, as far as defence capabilities, for those who like to collect memorabilia, and loved Twilight Princess, it is a must have piece. The mask features a base defense rating of 7, and a bonus Guardian Resist Up. The mask itself can’t be dyed or upgraded, and an important thing to note is that if you sell it – it’s gone.

Admittedly you could find clues in the game to help you find the actual mask, but to those who are lazy…follow the map below.


The mask can be found at the Sage Temple Ruins. The accessory is west of the Giant’s Forest, near the Regencia River in Central Hyrule. From there, look along the far west side – along the river- and enable your Magnesis ability, along with your Sheikah Sensor.

After that, enjoy the Midna look – I hear it’s in style.

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