Overwatch: Mercy Getting Nerfed

A new patch is coming to the Overwatch gaming community, and this one seems to be affecting our favorite healer Mercy, who is getting a small nerf. Overwatch is getting changes on the PTR network that have yet to filter on through to other consoles, and these ones make it impossible for Mercy to now use her ultimate ability while sitting on the spawn point.

YouTuber ohnickle uploaded a video that showcases how these changes affect gameplay on different maps:

This change will likely lead to frustration for those players who are use to using the flying healer staying safe in those situations. The under appreciated healer often lives a life of abuse, as she is under constant fire due to her ability to heal the rest of the team. With her low damage output, and sometimes useless teammates, being the healer is never the easiest job. That said, this change to the gameplay won’t be well received by those who use the spawn point to hide away from enemy fire.

While players might argue the change is fair, and it is a fairly arguable point, it still might cause some issues with game plays. As Mercy is already an undervalued player, with this change now coming to the network – less and less people might be willing to pick her. That said, team healers might start becoming an oddity, and while I don’t know about the rest of the Overwatch community I know I already have issues finding those willing to take on the role during gameplay.


As it stands, those of us on consoles won’t see how the change effects gameplay until it jumps off the PTR and makes its way to our waiting arms.

Let us know if you think the changes to Mercy are necessary in your mind, and what you think about it.

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