NES Style Switch Joy-Con Controller

To those looking to accessorize their Nintendo Switch, and those having deep pockets, the custom game controller company ColorWare has dropped a set of special Joy-Cons for gamers everywhere. The controllers will have you taking a step back in time, as they are stylized after an NES controller. However it will also have you scraping together some cash, as they controllers cost $200 at market value.

The ColorWare controllers are made based on the original NES controllers designs. They are all custom painted in a black and grey to resemble the Original NES, and make you feel like your stepping back to your childhood. Though, as with all things, with customized controllers comes customized prices – as the joy con controllers cost $120 more than the standard controller.


The controllers are limited in availability, so if you want them go get them now. I would buy them, but unfortunately student loans keep a good gamer down.

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