Heroes of The Storm: Stukov

A new character has appeared on the Heroes of the Storm, this time it’s Stukov – the zerg-infested human from StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm. The newest kid on the block, Stukov has a unique support ability that might have players rethinking some game strategies due to his Heroic ability.

Stukov is a character with a massive zerg looking arm, and with that feature so prominent on himself it only makes sense that his heroic ability is featured around that. The first of which is Flailing Swipe, which allows players to swipe in a large cone in front of themselves three times to both deal damage and knock enemies away. However it’s the second ability, Massive Shove, that has lovers of the game thinking the usage of the character. The player is able to use Stukov’s zerg arm to grab a player directly in front of them and shove them – continuously. That mean’s as long as their is no obstacle behind the player, the offending hero will fly indefinitely across the map. That said, this is a potentially huge advantage in a team fight, where numbers are key in victory.

His normal abilities revolve around giving other players viruses, in some cases positive and in others negative. Weighted pustule deals damage to enemies in a straight line, having the added benefit of afflicting them with a virus and damaging them slowly over time. Whereas Healing Pathogen heals teammates, spreading the positive affects to players that are close enough. His skill, Bio Kill Switch, detonates your active viruses – which instantly heals or deals damage to the affected players.

The release of Stukov also runs parallel with the release of the StarCraft Remastered game, and likely was done on purpose. Let us know in the comments on what you think of the upcoming support character, and whether or not he will be useful to your play style.

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