Destiny 2’s Clan System

Destiny 2 is clawing at the doors of the uninitiated, and will be arriving September 6th for the PS4 and Xbox One – October 24th for the PC. The game is undergoing some changes, one of which centralizes around its’ clan system.

In the first Destiny having a clan meant that you just had a specific icon in game, and maybe identified with a closer knit community. This time around though clans are meant to serve as important means through which to team up, organize games, and leading guided games – which allows gamers to team up with non clan members to finish raids.

First and foremost, Clans from Destiny will have the option to migrate their Clan into Destiny 2. Starting on July 25th and lasting for a month, the assimilation process will begin and group leaders will have a chance to turn their old clans into recognized ones in Destiny 2.


Clans will be capped at 100 members, and clan members will have the ability to invite promising players to their group inside the game. Also as an added bonus for a really synchronized group, the clan will get rewards from the success of their Clanmates – though what the rewards will be remains unknown.

The beta for Destiny 2 will be avaliable July 18th for the PS4, July 19th for Xbox One, and sometime in August for the PC.

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