StarCraft Remastered: Price and Release Date

One of the most classic games in the Blizzard library is making it’s way back to our computer screens, having received a nice polish. The remastered StarCraft was originally announced back in March but it lacked a released date, however that changes today. Blizzard has let everyone know that the upcoming Remastered game will be dropped into our laps this August 14th, at the low price of $15 USD. This price also includes the Brood War expansion for the game, which is a pretty good steal for a remastered game.

Pre-orders for the game are now open for those eager to lay claim to the game.

All the artwork and visual aspects for the game have been refurbished, and players can swap between both new graphics and old at whim to see how the difference. The audio as well as cutscenes have also been given a polishing, having received an HD treatment.


Gameplay has stayed the same, meaning that crossplay between the original and the remastered game remains possible. That said, the new matchmaking feature will be exclusive to the Remastered game – which allows players to be matched with one another based on their skill levels.

The original game, for those who want to remind themselves about why it was such a hit, is free to download online.

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