Xbox Ultimate Game Sale

It’s time for Xbox to roll out their summer sale, and hook in as many gamers with their wallets as possible. Microsoft has announced their Xbox Ultimate Game Sale for 2017, it starts this June 30th and with more than 300 games discounted I am sure people’s wallets will take a hit.

The below teaser gives us a glimpse into some of the games going on sale, titles such as Mass Effect: Andromeda, Rocket League, Battlefield 1, Prey, and Elder Scrolls being amongst the games to grab. The games discounted range from 10% to 65 %, so some deals are to be found – while Xbox Live Gold members can save up to 10 percent more on their purchases. All the games avaliable on the sale aren’t yet announced, but you only need to wait a few more days.

The Ultimate game sale wraps up July 10th, so you won’t have a lot of time to ponder over whether or not to open up your wallet or not on some of the discounted games. That said, decide soon or be really thrifty and wait till the game you really want drops in pricing yet again.

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