Somerville: New Project From Ex- Playdead CEO

Dino Patti, former CEO of studio Playdead – which brought us Limbo and Inside – has partnered up with an indie developer to launch a new developer called Jumpship.

The  new company is led by Chris Olsen, a man that’s pretty new to the gaming scene. Until now Chris has primarily been working in film, having worked on titles such as Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Iron Man 2, and the Edge of Tomorrow. He also spent a year with Ninja Theory as an animator for Heavenly Sword, that aside his gaming profile is pretty sparse. Though that hasn’t stopped him from his newest project: Somerville.

The company describes the upcoming game as a “sci-fi sci-fi action adventure that chronicles the lives of key individuals in the wake of a global catastrophe.” Other than that, not much has been told about the upcoming title. It has been a labor of love for the new developer, as he began working on the title since 2014, having chronicled the game’s development on Tumblr.

Check out the teaser trailer below to get a feel for it.

Looking at the blog gives a more in-depth understanding for what to expect in the upcoming game. It has the appearance of a side-scroller action game with rather flat shaded graphics, much like the games Dino Patti has been working on for the past few years.

No known release window or platform has been announced for the upcoming game, so we will just have to keep our ears open to see what happens to the game and company.

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