Assassin’s Creed Origins: Changes in Mission Play Style

Few things about Assassin’s Creed honestly excites me these days, as the game really feels dragged out and overdone at this point. While the game itself can be fun, and often is, I just feel that it’s been more of the same for quite sometime and dragging out a game franchise long past its expiration date.

That said, their are fun points to be found in many of the games released and Assassin’s Creed Origins seems to be adding in a welcomed change to their mission system. The change is centered on their day and night system, which will bring more variety to their gameplay and make for a more fun experience.

During the course of the game the characters within the game actually live a life, going about a daily schedule like a person would in the real world. This change affects the mission structure in a positive way. For example, Ashraf Ismail explained recently how the change would affect an assassination side mission in the game who follows a ‘routine’. During the day, the target is out in the world – scouring the land in a chariot, a war vehicle that would be hard to bring down. Whereas at night he sleeps in his cabin, and is easier prey. From this the decision is simple: go in at night and be stealthy, or go in during the day and have an epic fight. The type of playstyle you prefer, and the experience you want to have, will be purely up to you at this point.

The day and night system is a welcome change to the Assassin’s Creed world, as missions have been pretty straight forward over the years and the change will speak to a large group of gamers. To those who are worried about waiting for the sun to set to engage in the quest at night, or day, you can apparently control the time in the game by pressing R3. This said, how you approach each mission is no longer a matter of convenience – as gamers like myself often just play whatever comes up as soon as it does.

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