Nintendo Market Value Hitting A New High

The Nintendo Switch has made quite an impact on the Market value as of late, pulling Nintendo out of an apparent ten year slump. This information was first brought to our attention by Daniel Ahmad, a well known Analyst at Niko partners, who tweeted about Nintendo’s boost in shares recently.

Nikkei reports that for the first time in ten years, Nintendo has managed to surpass Sony’s market cap – even if it’s only temporary. On Friday 5.44 trillion yen was Nintendo’s reported market value, which comes out to $48.9 billion. This, in comparison to Sony’s $48.5 billion on the same day, is obviously higher. The difference is negligible, but does mark a high point for Nintendo as it hasn’t managed to attain such a feat for quite some time.


This is a little less surprising if one considers the complete shortages that Nintendo has had as of late with their newest console the Nintendo Switch. The new console outsold both the PS4 and Xbox One for two months in a row in the United States, with Sony just managing to steal back the crown this June. The produce is flying off the shelves due to high demand, and low quantity. That said, the question remains on whether or not Nintendo can stay true to their success or will fall off the wagon.

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