Grand Theft Auto: Modding Tool Available Again

OpenIV, the modding toolkit that has been under fire the last little bit by Take-Two Interactive, has received an update and is being distributed. This is a sign that Take-Two is listening not only to Rockstar but also fans everywhere, as they have been taking a hard stance on the modding platform this last few weeks – going so far as to shut it down entirely recently.

OpenIV is now on version 2.9, and this version has “bug fixes and small improvements”. While hardly ground breaking fixes, the fact that the modding tool is back online is a step in the right direction as it has been offline since June 14th after a cease and desist order seemingly closed it down permanently.

This change follows Rockstar’s recent statement to their parent company Take-Two, wherein which the company said it “believes in reasonable fan creativity,” and supports creators who “showcase their passion for our games.” Take-Two fell into agreement with Rockstar, under the understanding that modders will be following certain rules.


Obviously this decision followed a huge backlash from the Steam community where, following OpenIV’s closure, GTAV’s Steam score went plummeting due to negative reviews. Keeping that in mind, it’s no wonder that OpenIV was re-released to the public, under the understanding that online multiplayer modding is still off the table.

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