Final Fantasy XV: Take The Regalia Off Roading

The new update for Final Fantasy XV is up, and it brings an interesting element to the game in the form of an off road upgrade to our Regalia’s. The change is called Regalia Type-D, and it let’s gamers drive across the land while ignoring roads and making some nifty jumps .

The 8.65GB update not only fixes some bugs, and gives us a sweet new ride, but also adds in Episode Prompto compatibility.

The Type-D change to your car can be found at Hammerhead, our trust friend Cindy will be more than glad to help you change it up.

Take a gander at people’s reactions to the new Regalia:

Taking a little bit of a ‘leap’ with the Regalia

If you like what you see, just go get the upgrade to the Regalia yourself! Let us know if you’re enjoying the new wheels in the comments below.

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