Injustice 2 Bringing Sub Zero Into The Fold

Injustice 2 is bringing in a new character soon, and it’s an old fighting fan favorite from the Mortal Kombat universe: Sub- Zero.

The creative director Ed Boon let fans know about this upcoming DLC character, revealing that Sub Zero will be on his way to the game this July 11th. He shared the news in a very Game of Throne’s type of way, saying “Winter is coming…in July.”

The addition of Sub-Zero was first talked about back in May, his addition was to coincide with two other well known characters: Starfire and the Red Hood. Since that time, only the Red Hood has been released earlier this month for $6, and now with the addition of Sub Zero we are only waiting on Starfire to make her appearance.

All three characters can be snagged for $20, which bundles them up with a Power Girl skin and Gods shader pack. However if you bought the Deluxe or Ultimate versions of the game you are already guaranteed these characters for free.

It was during E3 that we managed to get a peak into Sub Zero’s fighting style within the game, though none of his moves come as a surprise if you’ve been a fan of the character over the ages.

Check out some game footage of Sub Zero blasting through some DC heroes:

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