Final Fantasy 14: Maybe Coming To Xbox And Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch doesn’t have a laundry list of games yet for our gaming pleasure, though recently it has been hinted that Final Fantasy 14 might be making its way to the console. The problem for the port though seems to rely on a very specific condition that Square Enix has set.

The condition depends on the Xbox One, and whether or not Microsoft will be willing to allow cross play for the potential game on their platform as well.

Final Fantasy XIV director Naoki Yoshida recently confirmed the news to Kotaku, stating that talks have already begun with both companies. The snag that the companies have hit lay in the fact that cross party game play needs to be available for both consoles. Which would be pretty cool if they allow it.

Yoshida’s concern for the game coming to either platform lies in whether or not either system can individually handle an MMORPG community, and thus wishes to ensure that any communities that start can thrive and be taken care of.

Final Fantasy 14 wouldn’t be the first game that has managed cross platform play between multiple systems, Rocket League being one of the most recent that can be played between the Xbox, PC, and Nintendo Switch platforms. The Sony system being noticeably absent yet again. That said, it doesn’t seem likely that Sony will give permission to cross-party play as thy seem to have a variety of reasons to deny gamers the experience.

Hopefully Nintendo and Xbox can come to an agreement, as a good MMO would be nice on both systems.

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