China Banning Three Live Streaming Sites

China has some strict censorship laws in place regarding media, all in the attempt to ‘protect national security and maintaining social stability’. These strict laws have recently hit a rather new form of media in the gaming world: livestreaming.

Apparently China has been in contact with three major social media outlets, making them take down all video and audio streaming services due to some ‘politically charged’ social commentary. The three sites, Sina Weibo – a social media website, ACFUN – a video sharing and game streaming platform, and Ifeng – a news website, are being slapped by this new ban.

As previously mentioned, China hit them with a ban due to what they felt was politically charged content through their live streaming content. They feel that the commentary that occurs from these livestream is inciting “negative opinions”.

This kind of action is common due to China’s censorship laws. The Chinese government regularly combs through all of its social media websites for anything they deem is harmful. This includes not only politically charged comments, but also anything that slanders or insults other people, promotes cults and superstitions, or mocks China’s cultures and traditions. With simple comments its been fairly easy to erase such things until now, but with the existence of livestreams this kind of content has been harder to deal with for the Chinese government.

Websites like Youtube and Facebook have already been banned, as well as platforms like google and Twitch. The government even has a very steady censorship in place for the type of video games that are released to the public within the country.


Sina Weibo, as of late, has been apart of a thriving streaming market in China. Over the course of a year it has been in steady growth, and the loss of it will be felt in the Chinese livestreaming scene. I guess the real question now is whether or not this is just the precursor to more bans waiting to come, and how badly this will affect the video game scene there.

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