Titanfall 2’s Newest DLC Package: War Games

Announced by the developers over at Respawn, another add on to Titanfall 2 will be coming your way June 27th.

The DLC will bring you two new maps, the first of which will be the one called War Games. The map features a mix of open city streets for titan combat and large buildings with plenty of maneuverability for pilot battles. If you’re looking for a lot more gun fire – and ways to die – you can always go to an open tank garage, in which both types of combat will be duking it out for domination.

Traffic is the next map available, a map that is made for pilots only and in which you can prove your dominance against other players. The intense pilot only mode was added last February and a new map will likely be well received.


The coolest factor for those eager for the new DLC is the third weapon slot for pilots. In addition to your normal primary and secondary slots in your weapon loadout, pilots now have access to a third anti-tank item. This means that players can now equip weapons to their heart desire, and no longer need to pick between an anti tank weapon or a pistol.

The newest DLC will be free to download on the PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One.

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