IO Interactive Offering Beginning of Hitman for  Free

As a gift, and likely a way to remind gamers what they have to offer, IO Interactive is offering the opening two missions of Hitman for free as of yesterday. If you find yourself enjoying the game it is also important to notice that the rest of the episodes will be on sale as well.

The game and price drop is a hello to the world from the now independent company, according to CEO

Hakan Abrak. It was only last month that Square Enix dropped all connections with IO, leaving them without any backing. However the studio has recently stated that they will keep on – by themselves this time – and that they will retain the Hitman IP as their own.

The missions available to play for free, called ICA Facility, act as a prologue to the games main storyline. We gain control of Agent 47 as he finishes his first assassination missions with ICA. The rest of the seven episodes for Hitman are on sale this week, discounts going as high as 60 percent for the episodes. The full game is available on the Xbox Marketplace for $24, whereas sales for Steam and PlayStation Store will be coming later in the week.

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