GTA 5: Steam Reviews Plummeting

Recently the GTA V modder market took a hit when Open IV, which handled various PC mods, was shut down. The closing of the tool has been met with a huge outcry from the community, and while Rockstar’s parent company Take-Two says it wasn’t trying to target single player mods – only online ones – the steam review for the game has taken a huge hit.

Numbers in the past 30 days aren’t tilting in the game’s favor. Of the 42,000 user reviews written in the past 30 days, only 13% have been positive – a staggering low amount. This has accordingly affected the Overall rating for the game, taking it down to a “mixed” rating, with 67% of reviews being positive.

Many of the reviews have called out Rockstar for its shutdown of OpenIV, amusingly enough to ensure that these reviews are the first seen many have flagged these reviews as ‘helpful’. The top review on the site actually says “On behalf of the OpenIV team, ****you,” with about 22,000 people marking it as helpful.

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Rockstar stands firm behind the decision that was made, citing that OpenIV’s closure was necessary as it enabled “malicious mods that allow harassment of players and interfere with the GTA Online experience for everybody.”Though whether or not this will affect future sales of the game remains to be seen now.

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