Final Fantasy 15: Episode Prompto Coming Soon

It seems like the newest DLC for Final Fantasy 15 is going for a different feel, as Episode Prompto plays like a Third-Person shooter.

Arriving this June 27th, the newest DLC is part of Final Fantasy 15’s season pass of downloadable content. Episode Prompto is the second episodic DLC for the game, Episode Gladiolus being the first, and offers a more in-depth understanding of our favorite camera man.

The DLC showcases Prompto in his search for truth in regards to his origin, the setting being some place both arctic and lonely looking. This is the first chance gamers have gotten to play as the character, and likely will be a fun time for those of us who are more natural at shooters as oppose to RPG’s.

To those of you who haven’t grabbed the season pass yet, feel free to grab it for $24.99.

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