Dream Daddy: A New Dad Dating Sim

Upcoming game Dream Daddy is a dating sim that will be released on Steam on July 13th. The game seems to be appealing to a very specific niche, and will give you the chance to create your own dad avatar and hookup with another sexy dad.

The dad’s seem to follow a specific ideal, ranging from the bearded dad, professor dad, hipster dad and so forth. Announced on Father’s Day, the game seems to be opening up a new section of the dating sim universe – as this is the first ‘Dating Dad’ simulator I’ve ever run across on the Steam network. That said, I’m sure ton’s of people will be scooping it off the steam shelves due to its unique game dating line up.


Check out the Teaser Below:

The Steam page for the game had this to say in terms of information for the upcoming game:

  • Artwork and pinups by Shanen Pae, J.N. Wiedle, Anna Pan, Tyson Hesse, Ellen Allsop, Evan Palmer, Ego Rodriguez, and many more!
  • Original score by Jesse Cale
  • Dad-themed mini and micro games throughout each date path
  • Voiced by the Game Grumps and friends
  • Dad character creator – Create your Dadsona!
  • 7 dateable Dads
  • Multiple endings per-Dad

The game will be dropping in about a month’s time, which ensures that you have plenty of time to figure out what dad you want to pick.

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