Super Mario Odyssey: Possess Everyone

It’s more than obvious to everyone that Mario possesses a new friend in the upcoming Super Mario Odyssey game. Though to those of you who don’t take a gander again at the trailer below and realize that Mario’s hat has come to life.

That said, the hat is seemingly both a co-op tool for players to use and a means through which possession occurs. That’s right gamers, using the hat seemingly allows you to take over the bodies of a variety of people throughout the game. The ability has seemingly caused quite a few people to lose their minds, as the idea that Mario can possess others through his hat leads to the million dollar question – is Mario himself possessed?

Jokes aside, take a gander at the below trailer to see Mario’s new ability in work:

<iframe width=”670″ height=”448″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

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