Detroit: Become Human At E3

Another look at Detroit: Become Human was given at this past E3, and was a good look into the upcoming game. The game, much like Heavy Rain, is focused on the choices that you make and how each one will carry a different consequences for the protagonist going forward.

The demo focused on Markus, the third protagonist within the upcoming game. Markus himself is a self aware robot, and is on a mission to both awake other androids and give humanity a rude awakening as to the ‘slavery’ they have been enacting.

In the below trailer, Markus breaks into an android store to “wake up” other androids, giving a rather corny but rousing speech to his compatriots. Following this, the choice before Markus seems simple enough: will the rebellion he enacts be peaceful or violent.

The demo showcases violence.

How else Markus’s decision will pan out for him and his kind remain to be seen, and whether or not the peaceful or violent path will lead them to freedom is up to us to find out. Personally I am a fan of the peaceful approach in games, but even I know sometimes violence has to occur to reach your goals.

How will you decide? Let us know!

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