God of War 4: Gameplay Trailer

During the E3 Press conference an old fan favorite made an appearance again on the big screen, God of War. A favorite hack and slash game that has already had three other entries in its series is going to get one more in the form of God of War 4 and bring back our favorite bloody ‘hero’ Kratos.

This time, as everyone knows, he comes with a son though.

The trailer itself is lacking the famous chains that Kratos was once famous for, instead showcasing his newest weapon – an enchanted looking axe. Along with his son for the ride, the game seems to be centralized on the God’s of another part of the world and ones that (surprise) don’t take kindly to Kratos.

With an obvious coming to age story for Atreus, Kratos’s son, and new paternal instincts likely unleashed, this story is sure to be a welcome addition to the God of War franchise. Though to be honest, we all just want to kill stuff again – don’t lie.

Check out the trailer below:

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