Crytek’s Hunt Showdown

Upcoming game from Crytek, Hunt Showdown, looks like a lot of fun dear gamers – if a tad on the frustrating side for the gamers less inclined to survival games. The game is set during the Victorian Era and focuses on hunters that must fight creatures straight out of your worst nightmares.

The gameplay itself seems to be a mixture of both Evolve and Battlegrounds Unknown. In Hunt Showdown players are divided into five teams of two bounty hunters. These groups are on the prowl for some unknown monster in the area, gathering clues and fighting both monsters and players alike throughout the world. Initially this seems like an easy premise, but once you factor in the fact that perma death plays a role in the gameplay it becomes a bit more risky. While it is true that your teammate has a chance to revive a fallen teammate, if you both go down it’s over for that particular character of hunter you’ve leveled up and gained weaponry for.

Back to the drawing board with a weaker character, and apparently much weaker weaponry all over again.

That said, early encountering of teams is unwise and discouraged. You should try and level yourself up by finding different weapons and letting the AI hopefully slay your opposing teams. Once you find the main ‘demon’ of the match, whether through hints or by accident, you must banish it back to hell. However doing so sets of an alarm of sorts that lets everyone else know not only where you are, but what you’re doing as well. It is then a last man standing type of situation, whereas you must wait for the loot that the banished creature will drop and escape with it – all while fighting off both AI and other hunter teams as well. Though never threat, the other bounty hunters must contend with the surrounding AI as well, so good teamwork is seemingly key.

The beginning of the match starts with you not knowing where the big baddie of the match resides, but through finding clues you can slowly ascertain their position by getting a chance of seeing through their eyes. While finding three clues will permanently mark the creatures position to you on the map, it seems entirely possible to figure the creature’s location by truly taking in your surroundings and paying attention to the given clues. That said, once the monsters location is found all you must do is find some good weaponry around the map and finish it and your enemies for good.

Check out the gameplay trailer to get a better feel for what is to come:

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