Aftercharge: Be Invincible or be Invisible

First Person Shooters flood the market everyday, splitting up the gaming market amongst them due to a variety of reasons. Though one rule remains constant for all of them, or at least it is a rule that needs to be followed for general interest levels to stay strong. That rule is that the game must be balanced, and the game must always be fair.

Aftercharge might not fit those rules, and might not endear people to it despite its interesting choice of gameplay.

Showcased at “The Mix”, an indie showcase that was near E3, the game pits two teams against each other to battle over energy extractors. The enforcers must protect the machines, while the robot team aims to sabotage the machines.

Seems simple enough, except for the fact that the robot team is invisible for the whole round. They can only be spotted by the opposing team when they have been either hit or an enforcer is using a special beam gun to track them. Worst yet, putting them down isn’t enough for the enforcers, the robots can keep coming as long as one of them is alive to bring back their comrades. That said, the enforcers have their own special traits – they are invincible. They are equipped with a multitude of weapons ranging from guns, grenades and even airstrikes.

This seems a bit weird as a game dynamic, and leads to the invisible team having to come up with some sneakier ways to win the round. Strategy is a must for the robots, whereas counter strategy is the enforcers bread and butter. Though whether the weird dynamic will be enticing to gamers remains to be seen.

Aftercharge won’t be coming out for another year and currently is very limited in its team selection choices, though in a year that can be worked on. As it stands it might prove to be a fun game to try, though I don’t know if it will ever be wildly popular.

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