The Occupation: A Political Game

A game that is putting the back burner on explosions, and gory deaths, is a new title brought to us by White Paper Games. The indie developers that brought us Ether one, a game that explored dementia, is now putting it’s imagination into a more politically driven game.

The Occupation is a game that is, from what we know so far, “politically driven, first-person, narrative game set in 1980’s North-West England in which you play as a whistleblowing journalist.” While the artistic style is deeply remiss of BioShock, the gameplay could be anything similar from the look of it.

The game’s website had this to say on the upcoming title:

“A terrorist attack has left 23 dead and has become a catalyst for the creation of The Union Act. A controversial act which threatens the civil liberties of the British population.

“The day is October 24th 1987 and the next 4 hours will determine the outcome of the act and the future of the country. Events happen in real-time and you must make decisions based on the evidence surrounding you.

“Is the cost of an extreme action outweighed by the cause of the greater good. You are the reporter. You decide the narrative.”

How this story will play out in a captivating way remains to be seen, but I always hold out hope for the small indie numbers. Come check us out more often for any updates.

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