Hidden Agenda: Co-Op Choose Your Own Adventure Video Game

Out of all the games I’ve seen come out of E3, Hidden Agenda seems like the most interesting one of them all.

The game’s premise concentrates on a narrative driven crime thriller for the PS4. Hidden Agenda will have a branching story structure, much like Heavy Rain, and change as players make pivotal decisions within the game. Such decisions will decide not only what happens at that moment, but also how the story will end for both your protagonist and their friends alike.

Decisions for this game, due to the co-op nature of it, will be made with a smartphone as opposed to a controller. This will allow multiple people to play the game at once, also giving individual players different objectives and information that will not be available to their peers.

Hidden Agenda is part of a new initiative by Sony called PlayLink, wherein which players will be given access to a range of games that will substitute controllers with iOS or Android devices.

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