Splatoon 2: Salmon Run Mode

For those of you not made for online competition, and there are many, then maybe Splatoon 2’s newest mode – Salmon Run – will be more your speed. A co-op mode that puts you on a team of 2-4 players, wherein you must work together on a rather small platform to fend off waves of enemies in the middle of the ocean.

These enemies come from the ocean’s depths, and the name of the game is to not only survive each round but also to make your egg quota. That’s right, big enemies will drop ‘gold eggs’ that you’ll need to collect for every round. While the number of eggs needed for each round will change, the one constant will be the need to survive the horde that comes your way.


Gameplay mechanics seem to run the same as PvP Splatoon, the only difference lying in the fact that down friends can be revived by shooting at the life preservers that will mark their last position. Just like in all horde modes the enemy waves will crank up in difficulty with time, thus communication with friends during gameplay is key.

Now if only Nintendo hadn’t made their communication system so utterly complicated.

As you progress through games of Salmon Run they will unlock new weapons that will help them survive the rigorous rounds that they will be in store for. That said, don’t expect to do great the first time through. Apparently the difficulty settings range from moderate to impossible.

Good luck squid’s.

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